Altha and Albert Mabie of Granton, Wisconsin




Albert Leon Mabie was born in Clark County September 24, 1878 in Loyal, Wisconsin. After his father Lanson died, he and his two brothers, Frank and Jack, were placed in an orphanage. He returned to the Granton area in his teen years. To support himself he worked on farms, in logging camps, and as foreman in the heading mill for P. J. Kemmeterf. His rural mail carrier career spanned 34 years beginning September 1, 1905 at a beginning salary of $720. In 1914 he bought his first car, a Model T Ford for $780, but it could only be used eight months of the year because of the weather. Horses seemed to be more reliable.

Albert married Miss Altha Davis of Granton, Wisconsin, December 8, 1903. They were married by Rev. Guy Campbell in the Methodist parsonage at Neilsville. They had eight children: Vesta, Donovan, Milo, Caroline, Irene, Ernest, Adeline, and Theodore.

(Does anyone know Albert's father and mother's name? Uncle Ted said that she remarried someone named Place. They would go to "Grandma's Place") Latest news just in: Grandpa Albert's mother's name was Josephine Thompson Mabie Place. Thanks Jeannie!! Albert's father's name was Lanson Mabie. Albert had 2 brothers named Frank and Jack.

Albert died March 27, 1956, from cirrhosis of the liver..
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Altha was born December 8, 1881, to Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Davis more who were pioneering settlers in the Granton area. Altha had nine siblings: Sidney 1868-1905, Luzern 1872-1898, Nyron 1878-1898, Romanzo, Albert, Henry, Minnie, Addie and Kearney. Her mother, Caroline Huntley Davis, and two of Altha's brothers, Luzern and Nyron, died from the typhoid epidemic in 1898. Irene wrote in her family diary that they bled so much that the blood ran off the beds and through the floor boards. Adeline has always believed that they died of the flu during World War I.

Altha was a substitute mail carrier from time to time, but mostly she was a stay at home mom of eight children. She was adept at moving. On Albert's mail routes he would find a bigger or better house for their growing family, come home and tell Altha about it. The Mabie clan remembers living in a dozen or so different houses around Granton, always thinking of it as a new adventure.

Altha died October 11, 1961 of a strangulated bowel.


This was taken in the Granton graveyard.

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